Our company is founded by the desire of our owners, who has been in the outdoor lighting industry since 1982 shaping the market in terms of technical aspects and visionary, to raise the level of product quality and service standards. All projects we conducted to date under different identities have been held in high esteem by world's leading construction companies and architects. Today, we combine all of our experiences under Asus Lighting and aim to provide high quality, more expeditious and more innovative solutions to our customers. While creating high-mast road lighting systems, park-garden lighting systems, urban furniture, railings, gazebos and many other decorative products using aluminum softness, we also blend the traditional art with modern technology. We act on the awareness that maintaining international standards in our product and production quality, and enhancing our products with electrical-electronic hardware of world's globally accepted brands can make us industry leaders. The reason we would like you to know that we will be the last to leave the field in all sorts of project with our applications and after-sales services is our confidence in our products and we don't consider the companies we sell as customers, but as partners.

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